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Vacation Rental Property

Our unique and inspired vacation rentals are designed and custom furnished by Destin Dreamers. Each one has its very own unique influences and creative design features that will impress anyone from the experienced world traveler, whom likes specific high end amenities, to the novice toddler only wanting to have a great place to have fun. All of you whom have stayed with us before will be excited to see our newest addition to the family "The Silver Sand" featuring 5 beds, 5 baths, 7 bunk beds, billiards room and pool table with custom Star Wars and Tron themed arcade games which each house all 3,500 classic arcade games. Custom lighting and high end furnishings throughout. All of our rentals come with a custom built 6 person golf cart, which allows you to conveniently get to the biggest beach access in Destin in just minutes. Ultimately, my wife and I want to meet you and your families and share this wonderful experience with everyone who wants to spend a sliver of time with us. As such, we want to offer the best products for our guests and the best customer service as well so that there is very little to worry about other than just getting here. Please book your stay with us to see the difference for yourself.

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Real Estate

Currently we have invested in 3 properties in Miramar Beach. 2 of which are already on the rental market. 1, which you all know about, "The Emerald Dream," is doing exceptionally well. As our smallest home it is a huge success. We have $84,500 on the books for 2019, at the date of this posting Dec.7th, 2018, and are still booking up. This home is only 2,600sqft. and we purchased it in June of 2019 for $725,000. If we only book 50% of next year or another 50 higher value days, we will reach a projection of $134,500 for 2019. For all of you mathematicians, that is a return on investment of 18.5% Gross per year. To take that further, these homes are income producing properties so they justify their own mortgages. Meaning, you will only need to come up with the 20-30% downpayment to acquire the home, the mortgage itself is taken care of by what the property can produce autonomously (through the use of a property management company or equivalent of course). So looking at those numbers now, I purchased the home at $725,000 and put $288,000 down, after closing fees, etc. Producing a projected $134,500 annually, my rate of return on my investment of the $288,000 is 46% Gross annually. Can you do that in the stock market? Ask me for more details or reach out to invest in one of these for yourself.

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Property Management: Interior Design and Furnishing

Our success in our market really came about by a lack of really great property management companies in the area. Sure there are good management companies that I am sure will do a good job, but what makes us unique? Upon moving here, we interviewed the top 5 companies to assist us in our rentals and unanimously they all had one thing in common...all they are doing is listing it online and shuffling people through there as often as they can. I found, from talking to local owners whom use those companies, that there isn't any real personal touch to it and we (the owners) would have to come down often to ensure the house was in order because they didn't really care about damage to the home but rather how many people they can get into it. Destin Dreamers is personal. Upon staying with us you will get to meet us, we will assist you throughout your stay and walk the property with you to help answer your questions. For owners, with 18 years of construction experience, we can ensure that your home is our utmost importance to maintain and do so correctly. We can also assist with design services to help you furnish and maximize your potential in the area.

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Real Estate Services

Find the Best with the Best

Are you looking for that perfect vacation home or wanting to make a new and exciting move to our area? Look for the best we have to offer with nationally licensed and award winning home builder, now real estate agent, Chris Harper.

With 18 years experience as a nationally licensed home builder, Chris Harper, brings a unique perspective to finding that perfect home. Chris can quickly and efficiently walk any property with you and immediately address any areas of concern you should be aware of, giving you an incredible insight into making your final decision should you want to write an offer.

Knowing the market and understanding how to get the most for your home is our specialty. We bring a unique insight from a different perspective of Real Estate and give you all the tools necessary to make well informed decisions in buying or selling property.

Buy and Sell with Confidence

Call Today and Ask to Speak with 

Chris Harper

Sales Associate for Real Joy Properties

(850) 225-8117 - Cell

(850) 424-3094 - Office

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Investing in Destin and Surrounding Towns

Rated #1 in North America 2018 by U.S. News

Our beaches, long revered for their white powdery sand and crystal clear emerald waters, is becoming recognized the world over for its serenity. Gaining incredible popularity in the US, Canada and over seas, the BOOM here will only continue to line the pocket books of the early savvy investor. Rated by U.S. news in 2018 as the best beach in North America, Destin, is deservingly getting world recognition for its incredible coastline, wonderful outdoor activities for the entire family all equating to a remarkable opportunity for the early investor.

Rated #2 in North America for Gross Earnings in Short Term Rental Market

Home Away and VRBO rated Destin, FL as the second highest Gross Producer in all of North America for the short term rental market. Seeing upwards of 10-15% Gross R.O.I. due to the ability the average family has to divide one home between several families, short term home rentals are quickly becoming far more popular than hotels. One of our rentals purchased in July of 2018 for $725,000 was already booked for all of May, June and July 2019 for $5,000-$6,000 per Week by October of 2018.

Best Kept Secret in North America

Still today 1 out of every 3 people visiting Destin Florida is a first time visitor to our coastline. With the BOOM of Social Media like Facebook and Instagram, people are "spreading the word" fast showcasing our incredible beaches, marine life, golf courses and celebrity interactions. The photo above was taken in the 1970's showing nothing here at all. Now with the backing of billionaires and many other large industries seeing the enormous potential for investment opportunity here, Destin, and its neighboring towns,  are rising to the top of the charts for future short term and long term investment opportunities.

Absentee Ownership and the Average Investor

The Vast majority of our wonderful properties here, in and along the coastline, is owned by what is referred to as an "absentee owner" or someone whom resides somewhere else but purchased property here for investment or second home living or both. Florida has seen a massive increase in absentee ownership especially along the Emerald Coast because of the long term and short term benefits of ownership. Having the ability to visit, as often as you are able, a property that pays for itself is quite rewarding. It also provides a means to diversify your portfolio into a market that is growing higher than the national average and producing, as stated above, income higher than almost any other city in North America. Our understanding of the short term rental market here and how geographic location plays an ENORMOUS part in that spectrum will help you make a well informed decision should you be interested in potential ownership here. Call for more information

(850) 225-8117  

Infrastructure and Community

Destin offers something that most of the neighboring towns and cities just do not..."infrastructure!" While Pensacola and other similar cities have equally impressive beaches and coastline, why is Destin outproducing every major city and town in the Panhandle? It is our amenities, our attractions, our dining, golfing, family fun activities and local businesses that make Destin truly unique. We truly have something for everyone and in every Season of the Year. To cap that off, Destin Celebrates EVERYTHING with fireworks, festivals and parades. In a single year you can see over 60 different firework shows city wide celebrating our veterans to Christmas to music festivals and much more. We also throw some of the most amazing festivals in all of Florida. As a local now, I can truly tell you that in this part of Florida, we just like to 

"Celebrate Life." 

Won't you be a part of the celebration!

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The "Driving" Influence for the Home That Pays for Itself

The overwhelming benefit that is widely overlooked by many not fully understanding the market is the Location of Destin and how that impacts our market. Destin Florida is only 5 hours or less drive time from 5 States and only a few more hours to 2 additional states. Not only that but over 30% of our guests here travel from Texas because of its close proximity to world class beaches without the need for airfare. With costs of traveling becoming higher and higher, more and more people are turning to more "local" nearby travel alternatives. None better than Destin, Florida. Furthermore, the ability to finance a property that is categorized as an "income producing property," will only strengthen the savvy investors' positions with the bank knowing there is less "risk" than the average second home. Factor in that the off season is now becoming more and more popular to avoid the large summer crowds, Destin will soon be a year round vacation destination and the city is quickly accepting this and marketing it with their off season parades and firework shows drawing more and more tourists.

Our Family In Need (FIN) Program

Won't you join our efforts each year in sponsoring a family in need. We will review all applicants each year and will provide one lucky family in need an ALL EXPENSE paid vacation to one of our beautiful properties here in Destin Fl. 

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A Little About Us

Locally Owned and Operated

My wife and I moved to Destin after vacationing here as a family for many years. We immediately fell in love with this community and the wonderful people within it. Destin truly is a unique place. With world class beaches, amazing shopping and unbelievable state parks, how could you not just fall in love with this incredible place.  When we found out about an incredibly beautiful new development called "The Retreat at Miramar", we just couldn't stay away. We actually fell in love with this community so much, we moved here permanently and live only a few doors down from our vacation rentals, within the same community. 

Our Unique Vacation Homes

Our mission is for you to feel like you are escaping to your perfect getaway beach house. All of the amenities and furnishings have all been hand selected by us and include what we would personally want if we were vacationing here. We take great pride in providing everything you may need for your "escape" to the Emerald Coast. For 2018 we are featuring "The Emerald Dream" but stay in touch because the beginning of 2019 we will feature 2 additional and amazing properties all right here in The Retreat. Each home will feature custom bunk rooms, arcade systems and personalized themes that distiguish and separate our unique properties from everyone else. 

Real Estate

Chris has always had a strong passion and deep understanding for real estate. He not only excels in the building side of things, but in the investment side of real estate as well. Chris and his wife have invested in multiple properties and have built, flipped or renovated many amazing homes in many different states over the years. They currently own three investment properties in the Destin area, which has opened up the avenue for Chris to further his passion in real estate by becoming an agent himself. Now currently working full time under Real Joy Properties, a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm in Destin Florida, Chris strives to further devote his skills and knowledge to assist buyers and sellers in and around the Destin area by bringing a unique perspective to the market.

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