The FIN Program

Our Vision:

Three years ago when I was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve condition that the doctors said would leave me paralyzed later in life, I decided to make a dramatic change in my life...I moved to Destin, Florida. Our family left everything behind in Colorado and decided that life is too short to not live our dreams, hence the name "Destin Dreamers". One of the things that we discussed early on when we first began even realizing this dream, was to try and help those less fortunate to realize their dreams. The epiphany we had was that although we didn't have a big "foundation" or much to offer people, we could take what we did have, and use that as a means to bless a family in need. We decided that we would set aside a certain amount of money from each booking we received through our vacation homes each year and put it into "escrow", so to speak, for us to select one family (hopefully more over time) whom we could bless with those funds through different means on a case by case scenario.

How it Works:

Every guest that stays with us will have an opportunity to volunteer a Family In Need whom they know could really benefit from this program. We ask for their information and a story, as best can be described, about their situation and why you feel this family is deserving of this vacation. We also absolutely invite those who find us online to send us candidates whom you feel would greatly benefit from this program.

My wife and I are both believers, and as such, we wish each of our homes to be a blessing to everyone staying with us. Our faith and belief that God directs us and leads us to those whom He wishes us to bless is how we will make the selection from those candidates who's information we have. 

After much prayer and discussion, we will contact the family whom we feel God wishes to bless through this program and present to them what we hope to be a true blessing that God would be able to use, through us, to be a great impact on that family.

In 2018, we had already done this with one such family whom we knew really needed this blessing. We flew their family down here for an incredible all inclusive paid family vacation, which they had never had and so desperately needed. The family was overcome with joy and their time here together was something they can hold onto for many years to come. We got to see them laugh together as a family and spend quality time together, that you could tell they all desperately needed. This was the spark that ignited this desire deeper into my wife and I to take this further and see this dream come to fruition.

Touching Other Countries:

We hope to be able to offer this opportunity several times a year and possibly turn this program into a non profit foundation that is dedicated to bringing a once in a lifetime opportunity, even around the world,  to those whom would otherwise not be able to do so without assistance. This could be in the form of medical assistance, building of homes for families in need, providing sustainable clean water in areas that do not have the technology we have here in the US...honestly whatever the Lord sends us, we want to help any way we can. We had a family staying with us very recently whom were all visiting us from Venezuela. They told us of the hardships their country was facing and how so many families were too poor and desperate to be able to change their situation, unable to do anything but pray and hope for a miracle. We hope to be able to assist these families one day through this program and even partner with other Christian ministries or like minded individuals who also share in our unique vision.

There are 3 ways to support us in our beginning efforts with this program. First, tell a friend or a family member about who we are and what we are doing. Secondly, Share this page on your social media webpage so that it can be shared by others and we can start receiving requests from those whom may know a family in need. Lastly, you can personally write to us about any families you know whom could greatly benefit from this. We would love to help in any way we can to assist those families. We know there are a lot of hurting people in this country and abroad and I understand this is small and we may only be able to bless one family a year right now, but every oak tree started in the shell of a tiny seed.

Every Family Receives:

Finally, we want to ensure you that although only one family will be selected at a time, to benefit from this program, every family submission we receive will be lifted up in prayer. We want to be able to pray and intercede for those who are hurting and desperate in their situation to encourage them that where there is hope, there is freedom. Hope is such a powerful thing! If nothing else, we want to provide hope to those reading this and seeing this program that there are those of us still out there that are praying for you and believing that the same God that delivered us out of our situation, can deliver you from yours!

Please be a part of this with us. We encourage emails, phone calls and prayer requests from anyone willing enough to believe, with us, that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. 

Philippians 4:13

Learn More

Click the link below to go to our contact us page. We would love to share with you more of our vision and hope many people will come along side us to bring this vision of hope and love to those truly in need of God's love. Ultimately, this is something that God put on our hearts and any way we can see it come to fruition, we want to facilitate it any way possible. Won't you be a part of this with us, or help us to organize this to something bigger?

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Coming Soon!

Our future goal is to have a webpage dedicated to the "FIN Charity Sponsorship Program". We hope in the future to be able to post many of the inspiring stories of families in need so that many of you will be able to donate to our ministry for us to use to bless more than one family a year. This is how we will start the non profit side of this ministry. We will not use a single penny of any donations, they will completely go towards the selected family. Once we have the amount of funds raised per selected family, we will handle the rest. Please be praying that God's vision for all of this takes shape the way He desires it. For information about fund raising or fundraising ideas to help assist us in this effort, please reach out to us directly.

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