Initial Grocery Stocking Service

Spend More Time Together

The last thing you should worry about upon arrival is having to go to the grocery store. Even a late arrival, going to bed exhausted and waking up without coffee or anything to make breakfast. Let us help you get the essentials prior to your arrival so that there is one less thing you have to think about.

Don't Underestimate our Lines!

The grocery stores here get incredibly busy. We have spent over an hour just trying to check out at one of the local smaller grocery stores. Let us use our local knowledge and shop on the best days, prior to your arrival, so you can just enjoy your vacation.

Local Knowledge

Knowing where to go, when to go and what stores carry what comes with experience. Don't waste precious time trying to find the local stores, let us help. We can help you get the essentials ready upon arrival and further assist while your here. Ask for more information.

Our Process

Create a List

Please create a detailed list of the items you would like to see in the fridge and freezer upon arrival. Please note that we may be limited on items that are only available here locally which may not be exactly what you have where you reside. We do not offer alcohol delivery. 


Please provide specific instructions regarding which items you require to be organic (if any) and quantity of each item. Also regarding specific items such as "coffee", please give the name of any brands (ex. Folgers, decaf) and any other details to assist us in getting the right product. For meats, be very specific what items or "cuts" you want. We will do our best to assist but as you know, every piece of meat is different so this may be better to hand select yourself.

Select your Store

We shop at Winn Dixie, Walmart, Whole Foods and Publix. Please specify which store you authorize us to shop at. Prices vary based on the store so be mindful of that. We charge $15 for each additional store we have to visit to find the items listed. We will notify you of any items we cannot find on the list prior to your arrival.

Payment Structure

The first store you authorize us to shop is Free. Each additional store you authorize us to shop to acquire your groceries is $15. Our fees are based off of quantity vs. percentage. 

Service Fees:

1 - 50 items = $35

50-100 items = $45

100 - 150 items = $55

150 - 200 items = $65

200+ items...custom pricing may be required if this may take a considerable amount of time to put together.


Upon your arrival you will meet with one of our owners who will be happy to go over the details of your stay and answer any questions you may have. At this time, we will go over the food items you requested and where those items are located. Please note, on late arrivals, we can go over these details the following day, or if you prefer no personal interaction, we can just communicate via email or over the phone. 

Enjoy family time together


Ultimately we wanted to offer this service not to make money but offer up the ability for you as a family to spend more time together. Shopping here gets crazy, as I am sure you can imagine. You can waste SO much of your vacation at a store.  You worked hard to be here and probably traveled quite a distance to all be here together. We want you to arrive having the peace of mind that the first meals or necessary items will be waiting for you when you get here. 

Policy Information

Our service fees will be required to be paid 48 hours prior to your arrival by credit card only after the list of items is received by us. We will keep a temporary copy of the credit card on file for use ONLY after the purchases from the store(s) are made, at which time we will charge your card the second and final time for the purchased items. Again the first charge is for our service fees only based off of the initial list sent over to us.  The "hard" costs of the items purchased from the store will be initially paid for by us and the accumulation of all receipts will be charged the second time to your card. Refunds for purchased items are only available if YOU choose to go to the store, with the receipt we provide you, and demand a refund. 

Simplified Version:

You send us the list which we agree to our service fee up front. We charge up front the service fee for the amount of items sent. You authorize us to shop for the items on the list. We charge your credit card the second time for all the purchased items your authorized us to purchase. Upon arrival, all your items will be properly stored and waiting.