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The Emerald Coast of Florida is unlike any place in North America. With our soft, powder-like sand and crystal clear emerald waters, it is quickly becoming the best kept secret in North America. We want to assist you in owning a piece of this treasure before this best kept secret becomes the biggest missed opportunity.

Celebrating Life Dreaming Fully Awake


Let Honesty and Integrity be the resumé by which you select an agent!

Who we are and how we conduct our business behind closed doors determine the true character of a person. I don't pretend to be the best in the industry or something that I am not but I do promise that I will represent myself with honesty, integrity and with the same foundational principals as mandated in the word of God.


Looking to Purchase a New Home? Let us help you find that perfect vacation home for you and your family to enjoy. We can also assist you with managing it afterwards.


With over 18 years of building experience, investing millions personally into investment properties in numerous states and with successes rarely seen in our industry today, upwards of 92% ROI in just 12 months, Christopher R. Harper is fully equipped to guide you into that special property or help you navigate the buying experience. As a nationally certified builder through the International Code Council, Christopher can also provide incredible insight into build quality, build techniques or even help to make you aware of issues or concerns with a home prior to even putting any offers together. Christopher understand investments really well and is always personally on the hunt, not only for those incredible deals, but additional investors willing to utilize his strategy to expand their own portfolios. Being fully dedicated to his clients, he will also customize a unique search on a custom built website, so that you are only looking at properties that fit your specific needs. Understanding that many of his clients are "absentee buyers," Christopher is more than willing to preview properties and offer videos of any property with his personal critiques along the way for you to see without having to travel to see it.

Need an Expert to Assist you in Selling your existing property? Let us help you sell your home and find something else that meets your needs.


As a home builder for 10 years, selling numerous custom homes in several states, Christopher has a very systematic approach to selling Real Estate. Having many agents personally underneath him while selling his custom built properties, Christopher learned what it took to be successful selling those hard to sell properties and finding those special buyers for the luxury side of Real Estate. Now a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Christopher implements those strategies today always tracking online performances, listing and hosting performances, traffic increases/decreases and how to make alterations to maximize visibility online and in the local community. Where many people fail is where Christopher shines. Hiring a full time software engineer has also allowed him to reach heights that many cannot achieve by themselves. Christopher loves interacting with buyers and as such loves to offer open houses as often as possible in order to generate interest and build those connections with potential buyers. With Chris' first property purchase in the Destin area he bought a property for $839,000 and exactly 12 months later listed the home using his unique approach for $1,485,000. After 50 days online he ended up with a bidding war for the property and sold the home for $1,599,000. 


#1 in Keller Williams November, 2019

I was humbled when I saw my image sitting on the #1 slot for our office in Destin, FL for November, 2019. It has been a crazy year and this was vindication to me that my ethics and motivations to always put my clients' needs first was being well received by those around me whom truly know my heart. I can't wait to see what God brings in 2020. 

Thank you for the support!

~Christopher R Harper~

A Little About Us

    With a National Builders License through the International Code Council, holding a General C License with the PPRBD, certified for Lead and Asbestos abatement through the EPA as well as his eighteen years of building experience, Christopher Harper has a very unique perspective in Real Estate that many cannot match. Chris’ reputation for attention to detail, quality of craftsmanship, and impeccable customer service won him "Builder of the Year Award" for 2017 and 2018. This reputation and recognition also put his name and business in the Business Hall of Fame Award for 2018. Turning over a new leaf on life and wanting to dedicate more time to his true passion, Real Estate, Chris has turned his award winning focus and attention to detail into finding and selling homes for those whom are looking for an honest person of integrity to work with. 

    Over the years Chris and his wife have invested millions of their own personal assets into Real Estate, whether building new homes or buying investment rental properties. Chris specializes in the investment side of Real Estate. What he can offer to you is his very unique perspective and expertise backed by his many awards and years of dedicated proven methods. Whether you are looking to sell and get the most money for your home, or looking to maximize your return on investment in the short term side of Real Estate, Chris has done it all and is more than capable of assisting you along the journey.

    Chris knows what it means to put the best interest of his clients first. Bringing his experience to the table and his "builders perspective" to every appointment, whether buying or selling, anyone who is looking to buy a new or used home or sell their current property will greatly benefit from the vast knowledge that Chris has developed over the past 18 years. Having extensive knowledge in building requirements, regulations, and what a quality home is suppose to look like, Chris can advise you throughout the process so that you have the best information prior to making or accepting any offers. Although he will not be performing any “formal” inspections on any property, Chris has an intimate understanding of building codes and home construction and can see things that the every-day homeowner nor agent would be able to see without the initial need to hire a "professional" to come give their opinion. Furthermore, when selling your property, Chris can advise on minor improvements or alterations that can easily be made on the property in order to capture the highest return on your investment. He can also assist in the design and architectural side of those designs, since that is his background, and make sure that whomever you use to make those improvements, they are done correctly and to code. 

    Chris is also a visionary and his creative approach to problem solving can bring inspiration to any buyer or seller who is looking for that "right" agent whom can aggressively work contracts and market your home properly so it has the best traction online. Whether you are buying your first home along the Emerald Coast, investing in Real Estate, or looking to sell your wonderful home and find something else, Chris Harper with Keller Williams Emerald Coast will always be open and honest with every transaction and will work diligently with you to see your goals become reality.


Find the Best with the Best!

18 Years Experience in Building in over 3 States

Chris Harper carries a National License through the International Code Council and is a regional license holder through the PPRBD. He also carries a lead and asbestos abatement certification through the EPA. Imagine looking at property with one of the highest qualified licensed home builders as your dedicated real estate agent!

Expert in HUGE investment opportunities.

Were not talking "Bitcoin" or other bogus investment scams. Christopher is proven in 3 states with his abilities to find, even sight unseen, purchase and flip property with huge short term gains, some in the upper 6 figure range. Finding the properties is easy for him, finding the investors, since he can't purchase them all, is harder. Contact us today to learn more about what we know in the market today.

Perspective from a Licensed Builder

Ever wondered if something was up to "code" or if something could be done in a home and your real estate agent says "well I know a guy who could answer that." Chris is that guy and he is dedicated in providing unique insight about each and every property so you have all the best information about the property before deciding if it is right for you and your family.

Business Hall of Fame Winner

Running a very successful construction business and winning the Business Hall of Fame Award, Chris Harper has proven his dedication in business and customer service. His company also won the "Best Of" award in Building in 2017 and 2018. Although he has now moved his passions to Real Estate, Chris will always be dedicated to customer service and providing a unique perspective through his continued education and learning with his past experiences in building and design.

Dedication to his Clients

If you hire Chris Harper to represent you, one thing you should take away from reading this is Chris' love and willingness to serve others. He will do everything, in the capacity he is hired under, to help facilitate a clean and smooth transaction and will give unique insight along the way to help find that "perfect" property for you and your family. When selling your home, Chris can offer exceptional advice about any repairs or concerns you may have about your property and who better to ask how to do those than a person with Chris' background. 

Tested methods of Selling

We have heard it from countless agents saying "who are you kidding, you'll never get that for that property!" Well...we sold every one of them for record highs in the area code and have continued doing so in over 3 states. Chris is very knowledgable about home values and if you choose him to sell your property, he will do far more for you listing it, marketing it and fighting those other un-informed agents than anyone else in this area guaranteed.

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